Welcome to the campaign for a Better Barnet

We set up the Better Barnet campaign to respond to residents who told us what they thought was broken in Barnet - a Conservative council that was just not listening to the people it claimed to represent. We work in partnership with local residents and community groups on everything from road safety schemes and parking charges, to saving Friern Barnet Library and opposing the Conservatives 'One Barnet' sell-off of council services.

Although the campaign to stop the 'One Barnet' sell-off of services was not successful, together we have achieved many other successes. And where the Barnet Conservatives have failed to create a vision and a plan for Barnet, and where they have failed to work with residents and communities to create that vision and plan, the Better Barnet campaign will continue to work with local people to help them do just that.

We’re building a campaign and a movement that wants to put you, our local residents, at the heart of it.

Join our campaign and help us create a Better Barnet.

Latest News

Fifteen schools in Barnet are in locations where levels of the toxic pollutant Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) breach EU legal limits according to a study commissioned by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The fifteen schools where air tests showed 40 micrograms, or more, of NO2 per cubic metre of air are:Wentworth Tutorial College...

Barnet's Labour councillors are calling for action to stop large commercial vans from parking during the day and overnight, often for days at a time, in residential roads with no parking restrictions, saying it is "turning residential areas into car parks." The growing practice occurring in areas across the borough prevents residents and their...

There has been a 10 percentage points (one in ten) drop (from 71% to 61%) in the proportion of residents who think that Barnet Council is trustworthy in just six months according to the Council's latest official Residents’ Perception Survey (Autumn 2016 survey compared to Spring 2016 survey). In total, just over a quarter of...

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