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Your local Labour Councillors want to help support your campaigns. The best campaigns are those where we can work in partnership with local residents to show Barnet Council how important an issue is to people.

Campaigning is all about influencing the right decision makers, with the right message to make a change for the better.

If you have a campaigning issue you want to raise, then you can contact us using the form below. 

But here are 5 simple things you can do to get your campaign moving.

1. Aims

It's really important that you have clear goals and aims. The reason campaigns usually fail is that there is no clear objective, it isn't the objective that lots of local people want or it is unrealistic. Once you have a clear aim, talk to other people who you think may also be interested.

2. Get your facts straight

It's quite difficult to ignore a campaign when the facts add up and it's perfectly rational. Get the evidence together which you know will convince people.

3. Building your campaign

Local campaigns don't need to be time consuming. Start building your campaign by finding a handful of equally enthusiastic residents. Hold a meeting and work out your plan of action. You should have your objective and your evidence. Work out who your partners in the campaign should be. Contact your local councillors to see if there are any groups already working on this issue and build a network.

4. Campaigning methods

A petition may seem simple, but it's highly effective. If you have a local campaign on your street or around a school or community area take the petition to their doors. Present your aims and evidence and get their support. You may also find more people willing to volunteer as you go. You could also write letters to the people in charge asking for action, write letters to the press and promote your campaign on social media.

5. Making an impact

By now you should have a clear aim, your evidence, a network of people helping to deliver the campaign and local support from other residents. That has real impact with politicians. Work in partnership with your local ward councillors too - we can help you deliver your goals. 

So why not start your campaign today? Tell us what your issue is and we'll work with you to organise your local community behind your campaign.

What's your campaign?

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