What Councillor Mark Shooter said about oneBarnet in 2010

In 2010, Conservative Cllr Mark Shooter of Hendon Ward challenged the then leader of the Council, Cllr Lynne Hillan to a leadership challenge due to the various scandals that took place under this Conservative Administration. In the final days before the election as leader, Cllr Shooter sent out a plea for votes to colleagues in the Conservative grouping.

The letter was leaked to ConservativeHome.

He stated:

I do not believe Soviet bureaucratic initiatives like One Public Sector, Labour’s Total Place (and Barnet’s Future Shape / Easy Council) ideas are not the way forward. Having a board of, almost exclusively, unelected public sector technocrats writing jargon laden reports with only two of Barnet’s 63 Councillors allowed in the room and the public thrown out is a scandal and a direct challenge to David Cameron’s Big Society and whole drive for local government. Just as Labour’s bloated PFI schemes are going to end up cost many times the original cost I can easily see Councillors in years to come moaning and complaining at how much more the complicated Future Shape contracts ended up costing. This isn’t new, how many businesses got stung in the 1980s and 1990s with photocopier contracts and servicing arrangements that cost many times more than just buying the machine.

Councillor Shooter added:

I will immediately ask all council staff to identify their areas of financial waste and will look at canceling payments to expensive consultants on Future Shape projects, cut down the £7m per year on IT projects, streamline the £2m loss from not filling in forms correctly and eradicate environmental fines.

By saving money on this waste and extravagance we can avoid morally dubious decisions such as the scrapping of the warden service, the closing of libraries and the selling off of the allotments.

Even Friern Barnet Library may not have been closed if he had won:

We need to turn our Libraries into real community hubs, provide rooms in them for local groups to rent, add services to bring in much needed income and so on. Having overpriced, unwanted and unsellable merchandise sitting in dusty display cabinets that no-one can probably find the key for has got to end. Almost 80% of children in our area between ages 5 and 10 visited libraries in the last year, encouraging and enabling them to read.

We should not be closing libraries, but asking instead what we want them to do, and using imaginative methods to make sure they can do this efficiently.

Whilst i am in no way advocating Cllr Shooter for Leader of the Barnet Conservatives, it is completely evident that he thinks oneBarnet is crazy.

He is absoloutely correct about most of this. In case you didnt know, he lost.

As my Councillor i have emailed him about this and he has agreed to speak with me at his next council surgery. I trust he will be voting with his brain rather than whip when it comes to voting to sign this all off.

Imagine what would have happened if he had won this leadership challenge?

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What Councillor Mark Shooter said about oneBarnet in 2010 http://t.co/oAHJneju via @BetterBarnet
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What Councillor Mark Shooter said about oneBarnet in 2010 http://t.co/oAHJneju via @BetterBarnet
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What Councillor Mark Shooter said about oneBarnet in 2010 http://t.co/oAHJneju via @BetterBarnet
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