We think that Barnet's residents are not getting a fair deal on transport under the Conservatives.

Tube and bus fares have gone up by more than inflation every year under Boris Johnson, and it's making it that much harder for families and businesses to survive.

Locally cyclists get virtually nothing out the millions of pounds on offer from Transport for London to improve cycle lanes and facilities because the Barnet Conservatives have made very little effort over the years to bid for and secure investment in cycling.

And we think Barnet needs long term solutions to beat traffic congestion.

We will fight against next year's increase in public transport fares - the Barnet Conservatives won't.

We will campaign for more investment in cycling, and make sure that Barnet gets its fair share of TfL money for this.

And we will work to get long term solutions to congestion, like orbital rail links across the Borough.

Do you care about transport in Barnet? If so let us know what you think by commenting on this campaign page, or making a suggestion on our suggestions page. We will keep you up to date with our work on this, and you can sign up for email updates too.

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signed 2015-02-07 15:27:27 +0000
Here is my two pence worth.

An orbital rail link is going to be needed to resolve the poor transport connection between North West and West London. In my view it current is disconnected in comparison to the rest of London. Either a light railway system or an extension of the London Overground through the areas would resolve this.

Once implemented it would 1) ease traffic congestion 2) reduce the reliance of car travelling in the areas 3) reduce the burden on the Northern Line.

It is worth bearing in mind the population in Barnet borough is increasing at a sharp rate compared to other London boroughs. Something needs to be done.
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