Traffic data for Abbotts Depot waste plan "embarrassingly poor"

Labour Brunswick Park councillor, Kathy Levine has slammed traffic data used by Barnet council to bolster the plan to re-locate their waste depot at Abbotts Depot as "embarrassingly poor".

In her speech to Thursday's Planning Committee meeting when the plan will be decided, Cllr Levine will outline that the traffic survey data - key to showing the waste depot will not result in increased traffic nuisance - was so poor it wasn't included in the information pack with the planning application.

Cllr Levine will argue that there will be a net increase in traffic to and from the Abbotts Depot site if the council moves its waste depot there.

She will also point out that the council's traffic survey was conducted on three separate days but the data from the first two surveys didn’t distinguish between the traffic coming from Winters Haulage and all the other traffic using the site. The second survey didn’t distinguish between the two different types of heavy goods vehicles and the third survey purported to be one measuring Winters traffic only.

The residents' traffic survey - conducted over the same hours - did distinguish between Winters, GBN and the other skip companies at Abbotts Depot, and their data matched the actual information provided by Winters. That data suggests that there will indeed be an increase in traffic as Winters has an estimated 360 vehicle movements a day, of which only around 40 are very heavy goods vehicles (OGV2), and the council's planning application estimates their waste operation will result in 410 vehicle movements a day, of which 120+ will be very heavy OGV2 vehicles.

In advance of the Planning Committee, Cllr Levine said: "It seems clear that there will be a net increase in traffic with far more staff car journeys and additional council vehicles using the Abbotts Depot site, on-top of the much heavier refuse trucks and gigantic bulking lorries.

"This generates major safety and air pollution problems for residents in a densely populated area, and therefore I must speak against this waste depot re-location plan.

"The council administration have tried to hoodwink residents into accepting their plan by claiming that the traffic will reduce once Winters leave the site, but this is not backed-up by the data.

"The council's traffic data was so embarrassingly poor that what's presented in the summary planning application report does not even match the council's collected data."

The Planning Committee meeting takes place at 7pm on Thursday 1 October at Hendon Town Hall.


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