Tory Leader reneges on promise to change council meeting date

This month's Full Council meeting agenda has been published, but there is still no sign that the Barnet Tories will reverse their high handed decision to deliberately reschedule the September Full Council meeting during Labour Party Conference week despite a promise from Council Leader Cornelius at a public meeting that he would. Changes to other meeting dates in the council calendar have been put on the agenda of next weeks council meeting
The Tories changed the date of the September Full Council meeting from 16 September to 23 September with no notice or consultation because it appears at least two of their councillors will be away on holiday leaving Labour with a majority and in control of the meeting as originally scheduled. There is a longstanding tradition that council meetings are not scheduled during any of the political party conferences.

The Labour Group have formally submitted an amendment to next week's council meeting to change the September council meeting back to 16 September.

Leader of the Barnet Labour Group, Cllr Alison Moore said: "The Tories should not be changing longstanding agreed dates for council meetings to accommodate their personal holiday plans, but they are so desperate to hold onto their fragile majority of just one seat that they will resort to any underhand tactic. 

"Despite publicly promising to reverse this diary change they still haven't followed through so I have formally submitted an amendment to the council calendar to do this - it is now up to Cllr Cornelius to live up to his word and agree it."

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