Tonight's decision will fundamentally change our council

Tonight, 6th December at 7pm, the Barnet Tories will be making a decision at Cabinet which will fundamentally change the way our council is run and how services are delivered.

Council services such as Customer Care, Council Tax collection, Benefits, I.T. finance, procurement, estates and H.R. will be outsourced on a 10 year contract worth up to £750million pounds to Capita.

In a month's time the council will also outsource Planning, Licensing, Environmental Health, Trading Standards, Regeneration and Housing Strategy, Highways, Land Charges, Cemetery & Crematorium and Building Control.

This is a huge risk which is unprecedented in size and scope - 70% of council services will be out of the council's direct control. It is a fundamental change to the democratic control which you as residents and we as councillors will have over local services. It is possible that you can vote out councillors responsible for this decision, but we cannot vote out Capita.

Tonight’s decision is more than just a vote on how services are delivered. It will be a vote that affects the openness, transparency and democratic control at the heart of our local Council.

We need your support to stop this plan before it is too late. Make your voice heard. 


Leader of the Barnet Labour Group of Councillors

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