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  • commented 2018-04-13 13:24:43 +0100
    Need to know cost or saving per Barnet resident (all ages) and cost or saving per Barnet ratepayer for following. Saving from
    counsellor payments , ‘waste’
    Costs for
    Restore Library for under 16
    Increase youth clubs, youth activities. What, if anything, is planned
    Improve co-ordination between NHS and Social Care. E.g. older resident in Finchley Memorial for rehab after bone op. 6 physio visits in 28 days (5/week recommended). Incontinence due to staff taking more than 1 hour to respond to bell, at least 1/day.

    Explain 3, or even 1, way Harringey under Labour is better thanBarnet under Tories.

    How about a political broadcast that mentioned HOW labour would improve life, not merely that is is worse under Tories. That broadcast filled me with despair.
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