Think Barnet Council should listen more? Have your say!

In January 1999 six area forums were established across Barnet. Questions on the full range of council issues were accepted and the forums were popular and well attended. The Area Forums were also used to consult residents on council-wide developments like planning policy and local issues like cycle provision, town centre regeneration and play facilities. 

Over the past ten years the number of forums has been cut back and the agenda restricted, with issues of real and immediate local interest being ruled out of order. Local residents have become increasingly frustrated. Many feel that the council just does not want to hear what they have to say and that the progressive erosion of democratic accountability in Barnet has been shocking.

Labour councillors have repeatedly called for the council to restore the Forums and to be more open and democratic but have been voted down by the conservative councillors time and again. But we’ve kept on trying and at the Council’s Constitution, Probity and Ethics Committee on 10th April the Chair reluctantly agreed to ask residents what they thought. At the Area Forums on 24th June they finally issued a questionnaire!

So now it’s down to you. If you think the council should listen more, be more open and accountable, make sure you have your say. But time is short. If you want full and open Forums restored before the end of the year, please fill in and return the questionnaire as soon as possible because the decision will have to be taken on 8th July.



Cllr Alison Moore


Download the Resident Forum Questionnaire Here

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Think Barnet Council should listen more? Have your say!
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