Take Action

Here's the bit where you can take action.

If you feel strongly about the direction Barnet council is taking with the 'One Barnet' programme you can sign the petition calling for a public referendum on 'One Barnet', and you can lobby your local elected councillors to ask them what they are doing about it by sending them an email.

You can also display a Better Barnet poster in your window to publicise the campaign, you can download hard copies of the petition to collect signatures in your street, you can distribute leaflets to your neighbours, and you can attend an organised delegation to lobby councillors at their advice surgeries.

If you have any other suggestions for campaigning for a Better Barnet please post your ideas on the suggestions page.

You could also write to the local newspapers:

Times Series

Barnet Press

Ham & High

The Archer

The Finchley Arrow


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