Sweets Way highlights problem with Barnet's housing crisis

Following on from last week's 'sleepover' protest at Sweets Way publicised by Russell Brand, 

Labour Councillor for Underhill ward and Chipping Barnet PPC, Amy Trevethan said:

“What’s happening in Sweets Way highlights the problem we have got in Barnet with a housing crisis where few people can afford to either buy or rent a home.

“The Conservative-run council is routinely failing to build sufficient affordable housing for social rent to meet the need of local people - let alone to meet the need of a growing population. Unlike other London councils, Barnet has consistently refused to press developers to get the best deal for local people. Only 10% of the new units on Sweets Way will be made available at social rent. 

“We’ve had over a decade of Barnet Conservative's inaction on housing. They’ve been too busy allowing large scale developments of luxury homes for private sale to go ahead that do not even replace the social homes they are demolishing.  

“Last week’s budget showed the Conservatives have no ideas or plans to tackle the supply of new social housing. We’ve built fewer homes than at any time in peacetime since the 1920s.

“In this specific case the MoD should not have sold off this land, with all the affordable family homes it had, for private development. 

“It has been heartbreaking for me and other Labour councillors working with families affected to try and ensure they are able to stay in the borough. The Conservatives need to stop pretending there isn’t a housing crisis in Barnet. It’s right here on the doorstep of Barnet House. Across the borough long standing local communities are being torn apart for private profit.

“If we don't stop selling off public land and demolishing social housing we will never meet housing need, and we will not fix the housing crisis.”



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To contact Cllr Trevethan: cllr.a.Trevethan@barnet.gov.uk 

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