Statement from Leader of the Barnet Labour Group

I want to thank all Labour members in Barnet for their support and hard work, not just over the past few weeks, but over the past four years, and our wonderful candidates who could not have done anything more.

We campaigned hard, we gave the Conservatives a tough time over their failure to run a fair, effective Council for the people of Barnet, and we have built, and will continue to build, good relationships with all of Barnet’s communities.

That wasn’t enough this time. I am confident we can bounce back from this but to do so we will need to work harder still.

I want to speak directly to our Jewish brothers and sisters.

I am extremely grateful to all members of the Jewish community who cast
votes for Labour yesterday.

But too many didn’t. It wasn’t because they disagreed with our manifesto, but because they felt the Labour Party has failed to deal with anti-Semitism at a national level. They are right.

I pledge that Barnet Labour will be a beacon to the rest of the Labour Party in tackling and defeating this anti-Semitism virus that has infected our party. For me dealing with anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate is not an electoral issue, win or lose, it’s a moral responsibility that defines who we are as a Party.

I am so proud of the work we have done both within and across communities, faiths, backgrounds.

We either fix this or our values of equality, social justice and human rights die.

I pledge that Barnet Labour will be at the forefront of this collective effort by the Party we all love and wish to see succeed.

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  • commented 2018-05-05 16:36:55 +0100
    Hi James. Barnet Labour has offered to help Jeremy Corbyn and the NEC rebuld trust with our Jewish brothers and sisters and to make a fresh start. Action has been taken using the rule book to deal with evidence of racist conduct by party members,but we know that when dealing with racism and discriminiation there is no end date or finishing line. In just over 150 cases based on evidence since the 2015 General Election the member complained against has been expelled or resigned during the process (nationally). In Barnet, we have more than 5000 members and since the 2015 General Election there have been three complaints against members concerning hate speech where the evidence warranted an investigation as part of the disciplinary process. Two of the three cases concerned antisemitism. In one case the complaint was not upheld, in the second the members is currently suspended awaiting investigation by the national party and in the third the member resigned before the investigation started.
  • commented 2018-05-04 23:15:39 +0100
    “I pledge that Barnet Labour will be a beacon to the rest of the Labour Party in tackling and defeating this anti-Semitism virus that has infected our party.”
    “anti-Semitism virus that has infected our party.”? Any evidence for this hyperbolic statement?
  • @BarnetLabour tweeted this page. 2018-05-04 09:14:44 +0100

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