Save Greentops & Finchley Youth Theatre

Barnet Council are currently considering whether to generate revenue through renting space at Greentops Youth Activity Centre and Finchley Youth Theatre to other organisations.

If this is not possible, they will "explore use of other buildings to host youth activities."

This would mean re-location of and possibly closure of the historic and much loved Finchley Youth Theatre, and the Greentops Activity Centre

We the undersigned call upon Barnet Council to drop any proposal or consideration to re-locate or close these facilities which are a vital part of our communities and well loved community assets.

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  • signed 2018-03-19 15:29:00 +0000
    FYT is an imperative part of the local community. Invaluable, irreplaceable and utterly vital. To consider removing or changing this undervalued youth service is a travesty. A consideration that should not just be shelved but taken outside a put out its misery. Because that’s what it is. A miserable idea, thought up by misers, miserists and assassins of fun who look to take every slight glimmer of joy from the young people of today for the sake of cutting a few low expenses. Then wonder why the youth may fight back or completely disengage from a society that formed upon being able to have, enjoy and thrive upon the very things it now seeks to remove. Finchley Youth Theatre is a community for the young. Take it away and the community dies. A new community will rise – but it won’t seek to entertain. It won’t seek to educate. It won’t seek to spread laughter and love. Upon a wish – what would you have it seek to do? A wish – because you will no longer be in control of it if you remove yourself from the equation by destroying the factors that help maintain it.
  • signed 2018-03-17 16:26:12 +0000
    FYT was a huge part of my teenage and young adult years. It opened my eyes to myself and others and I made lifelong friends there. I would hate for that opportunity to be taken away from young people who need a safe space to be themselves more now than ever before!
  • signed via 2018-03-17 13:23:41 +0000
    FYT was a massive part of my youth so to see it go would be devastating for so many young people.
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    Sign the petition: Save Greentops & Finchley Youth Theatre
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  • signed via 2018-03-14 15:03:20 +0000
    We value the work of Finchley Youth Theatre, and our family have been connected with it for the past 10 years.
  • signed 2018-03-14 12:38:44 +0000
    Significant youth facilities such as this are of paramount importance for creating a contented and well-harmonized community. We are all being short sighted if we think we can push out community space for the sake of more money, as money will eventually be needed to sort out dysfunctional youths.
  • signed 2018-03-13 21:58:38 +0000
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  • signed 2018-02-19 11:37:41 +0000
    Julia Draper
  • signed 2018-02-18 23:17:34 +0000
    A much needed venue for young people with learning disabilities to learn, meet up with other young people and to feel part of a community
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  • signed 2018-02-16 16:40:57 +0000
    Christine Marchesi
  • signed 2018-02-16 13:25:35 +0000
  • signed 2018-02-16 12:58:45 +0000
    FYT is an invaluable community asset. An all too rare place where young people can get together in an inclusive, safe, creative environment. It’s a treasure which I personally credit for giving me crucial skills and confidence that have stayed with me and helped my career.
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    Carolyn Butler
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    Sign the petition: Save Greentops & Finchley Youth Theatre
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