Road safety

Road safety affects everyone in Barnet. Whether you're young or old, a cyclist, a pedestrian or a motorist.

Our councillors have been working with local residents over the last couple of years helping to deliver road safety improvements in your area. Our councillors in East Finchley helped the WalkSafe N2 campaign get a 20mph zone on Church Lane and now WalkSafe campaigns are popping up all over Barnet and our councillors have been working with residents to get the changes they want.

We think it's time for Barnet council to take a far more active role in improving road safety and working with local residents to deliver the road safety measures they want to see.

Road safety isn't just about 20mph zones. It's about having a proper strategic plan to deal with road safety issues, looking at crossing facilities and improving cycle lane facilities too.

We would really like to hear your ideas on road safety. Do you want to see some improvements on your street or perhaps near your local school?

We want to help you deliver change in your area. Why not check out our 'Your Campaign' section on our website about how to set up your own campaign. Or sign up below for campaign updates and leave us a comment on this campaign.

Sign me up! I'd like to know more about the Barnet Labour Party's work on this.

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