Richard Cornelius' post-election 'Indecent Proposal'

Many residents will remember the Barnet Tories' decision to give themselves a bumper pay rise of up to £20,000 each right after the 2010 local elections.  This year they've outdone themselves yet again.
On Monday night Tory Council Leader, Richard Cornelius made the following 'indecent proposal' to Opposition Spokespersons:
Prop up the wafer thin Tory majority through a 'pairing' arrangement or lose your allowances!
We refused this 'indecent proposal' as Labour councillors will not be bought. You can see our refusal here:

Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower, the Tories also:

  • refused to allow Labour to appoint Chairs and Vice Chairs to committees and resident forums where we have a majority of councillors
  • appointed the Chair of the Audit Committee from their own ranks, ignoring a long standing convention that this committee is chaired by a member of the opposition
  • moved the September Council meeting to the middle of Labour Party Conference because two of their members are on holiday.
The Tories may have shamelessly hogged all the council positions in a desperate attempt to cling on to power, but we will continue to be on your side, and fight for fairness, transparency, democracy and a Better Barnet.
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Footage is courtesy of the Barnet Bugle.

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