Residents may be entitled to compensation for water supply interruption

Barnet's Labour councillors are calling for residents and businesses affected by the Affinity Water service interruption to check if they are entitled to be compensated under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) laid down by Government. The scheme sets out that every customer affected by unplanned water supply interruptions may be entitled to £20 in compensation if the supply is not restored within 12 hours, or within 48 hours if there was a leak or burst in a strategic main, and then £10 for every 24 hours thereafter.

The failure of a valve at the Arkley reservoir this week led to thousands of Barnet residents being without water. A fault occurred during routine maintenance on Monday 20th February, meaning water supplies were disrupted to most residents on the east of the Borough from High Barnet to East Finchley.

Cllr Alan Schneiderman, Labour's Environment spokesperson said: 

"Whilst accidents happen, and I think Affinity Water have tried to fix this as quickly and efficiently as possible, many residents and businesses will have been inconvenienced by this disruption to their water supply. People have been unable to cook, clean, drink water or even make a cup of tea or coffee.

"People pay a lot for their water services, and if they are entitled to compensation they should get it automatically under the water industry's Guaranteed Standards Scheme.

"I contacted Affinity about this today, and they have rightly said they will investigate and contact customers eligible for compensation.

"Affinity also need to see how communications and the distribution of bottled water can be improved. This incident serves as a reminder that emergency and accident planning needs to be taken seriously, and effective plans put in place."



1. A copy of the Guaranteed Standards Scheme compensation information from Ofwat can be found here:
2. For more on this issue see:
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Cllr Alan Schneiderman:
To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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