Stop The Rent Hike

Labour councillors have slammed Conservative plans to hike council rents up to 80% of market rents.

On 1 December Barnet Council will be launching a consultation on the draft Housing Strategy which seeks to set council rents for existing tenants and current empty council homes that are re-let at either Local Housing Allowance (LHA) levels or 80% of average market rents whichever is lower.

The council is also proposing to charge 80% of average market rents for all new council homes it builds.

Labour councillors recently highlighted that hundreds of council tenants were in rent arrears and struggling to pay their rent as a result of the Conservative government's bedroom tax, and believe any move to increase council rents to near market rent levels would force even more council tenants into debt.

Housing charity Shelter has defined market rents in Barnet as "extremely unaffordable" and even the council admit that Barnet has some of the highest rents in outer-London.

The Labour Group have started a joint petition with Andrew Dismore AM, Sarah Sackman and Amy Trevethan - Labour's parliamentary candidates for Hendon, Finchley & Golders Green and Chipping Barnet which they will be publicising on Monday 10 November at the Barnet Alliance for Public Services public meeting on public housing.

We the undersigned demand that Conservative Barnet council drop their scheme to increase rents to 80% of average open market rents for both existing council tenants and empty council homes when they are re-let.

Barnet has the highest market rents in outer-London which housing charity Shelter has defined as "extremely unaffordable" and we do not believe that the Conservative led Government's so-called 'affordable rent model' of charging up to 80% of market rents is either affordable or sustainable. We believe this is false economics that will lead to serious hardship with some tenants being forced to claim benefits where they do not do at present, others being forced into arrears and others at risk of losing their homes, all at a time when the cost of living crisis is already hitting families hard. This unfair and ideological increase in rents must be withdrawn without delay.

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Another battle for exhausted parents
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Shirley Mowla
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Sign the petition: Stop The Rent Hike
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Sign the petition: Stop The Rent Hike
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Already struggling to pay bedroom tax plus 20% of council tax, how much more do they think I can afford.
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Sign the petition: Stop The Rent Hike
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I am seeing too many ordinary working class people being pushed out of living in the BurntOak/colindale/Hendon/Edgware areas; by extorcinate rents increases. Rents that are well beyond average monthly wages. People who are born and bred here – cannot afford to live here.
signed 2014-12-19 15:46:11 +0000
My rent to a private landlord is extortionate. I have no alternative but to pay, as there is inadequate social housing to satisfy demand. To peg rent rates so close to the current market rate is unjust and only exacerbates the problem.
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I think that a lot of landlords charge way too much for too little, it’s appalling that they get away with it. The council should be trying to help people ,not emulating these unscrupulous money grabbers.
signed 2014-11-30 14:35:38 +0000
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