Reinstate disabled persons' Freedom Passes

Barnet council has cancelled Freedom Passes for adults with mental health issues and other disabilities like autism without giving any notice. This has meant that many people have found out for the first time that their Pass has been cancelled while trying to use public transport. Others have had their Pass cancelled as a result of a reassessment, despite there being no change in their condition.

We think this is wrong and that all these Passes that have been cancelled should be reinstated immediately.

Barnet's Labour councillors have reported this problem to the council, who have agreed that no further Passes will be cancelled pending a review.

We the undersigned petition Barnet council to immediately re-instate all Freedom Passes for adults with disabilities that have been cancelled without notice, or through reassessment where their condition has not changed, pending the outcome of a review into these cancellations, and that the council issue clear guidelines on eligibility following this review, including a notice period if an assessment is necessary, and automatic renewal where there is no change in an individual's condition.

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signed 2017-07-13 14:37:41 +0100
I know nothing of this, my pass says it is valid until 2020 are you saying they may have cancelled it without telling me? Is that even legal? Is that not out and out discrimination against disabled people and if so THAT is definitely illegal I have had the police apologise to me for not treating me with respect do I now have to point out to the council that they are legally and duty bound to respect and not discriminate against us? Councillors if you do not have the money take a pay cut or resign you are OUR servants do you not understand that? Fortunately the police finally do.
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Eleanor Hughes
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Sign the petition: Reinstate disabled persons' Freedom Passes
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Sign the petition: Reinstate disabled persons' Freedom Passes
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signed 2016-05-31 14:20:47 +0100
Yet another dig at the vulnerable, leading to further isolation and difficulty within a persons life. The Tory party proves yet again how undemocratic and anti society they are.
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Sign the petition: Reinstate disabled persons' Freedom Passes
signed via 2016-05-20 12:00:56 +0100
It will also effect me in the future. I am trying again to apply for PIP and then a freedom pass provided they give me the benefits. It costs people who are not employed or on a low wage an awful lot of money to travel. It is not fair to take away the freedom pass especially from disabled people who should be entitled.
signed 2016-05-20 08:40:23 +0100
signed 2016-05-19 18:55:03 +0100
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