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Anything could happen on polling day, and it could stop you being able to get to the polling station. So don't lose your chance to vote. Don't lose your chance to help Labour win. And don’t lose your chance to help change Barnet for the better.

Please follow the link below to download the form to apply to vote by post (PDF):


If elected a Labour council in Barnet will:

Fund thirty additional police officers as part of the Safer Barnet Police Team;
Deliver improvements to our roads and pavements;
Provide a free bulky item collection service and tough action on fly-tipping;
Introduce 30 minutes’ free parking in high street shopping areas;
Build at least 800 new council homes that local people can afford to live in.

Labour have a real chance of taking control of Barnet Council this May.

The Conservatives currently have 31 councillors and no overall control of the Council. We only need to gain two seats and the most important thing you can do to help us win is vote early.

It's time for change. If you want a brighter future for Barnet, please vote early and use all three of your votes for Labour.


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