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The Barnet Conservative's 'One Barnet' outsourcing programme has been one of their most controversial projects, gaining national coverage and inspiring thousands of residents to speak out against it. 

Like many of the Barnet Conservative's projects, it ended up in court bogged down in legal challenge. While the Conservatives won their case on the technicality that the legal challenge was brought "out of time" it was far from the storming victory they claimed. Lord Justice Nicholas Underhill was clear in his judgement that “Barnet Council never set out to consult about its outsourcing programme at all”.

The two One Barnet contracts with Capita have now been signed but the work of your Barnet Labour Councillors does not stop here.

While we were unsuccessful in stopping the privatisation of crucial local services our focus is now turning to ensure that Capita deliver exactly what they promised in their contracts, that there isn't a race to the bottom to deliver poor quality but cheaper services in order to secure profits for shareholders, and that Barnet residents get the services they need and value for money.

Sign me up! I'd like to know more about the Barnet Labour Party's work on this.

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