NSL "must do better" after issuing parking ticket despite permit on display

NSL has issued a parking ticket on Ballards Lane outside Tesco last week (11 July), despite the motorist, Jenny Halfon, displaying a parking permit purchased from East Finchley Library. 

It seems the NSL Civic Enforcement Officer did not recognise the validity of the paper permit issued by the library, fuelling concerns from Labour councillors about the training of staff employed by NSL.

Only 30 per cent of residents are satisfied with parking services in Barnet, yet Conservative councillors running the local authority forced through an eighteen month extension to the NSL contract in May, which Labour councillors voted against.

There were 1,682 appeals against parking tickets in 2015/16 with nearly half (49.25%) of appeals upheld.
NSL also failed all 15 key performance indicators in the last quarter of 2015/16.
East Finchley councillor, Arjun Mittra, has written to NSL asking them to cancel the ticket.

Cllr Arjun Mittra said:

 “The fact that the parking attendant did not recognise the validity of the paper permit suggests they hadn't received proper training. If tickets are being issued on this basis no wonder nearly half of parking ticket appeals are upheld. NSL really must do better than this."

Jenny Halfon said: “Barnet parking must ensure that they get it right and stop victimising innocent motorists by realising that honesty is the best policy!”



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For more information contact Cllr Arjun Mittra: cllr.a.mittra@barnet.gov.uk

To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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