Before the 2010 General Election David Cameron and the Conservatives promised that the NHS would be safe in their hands, that they would not cut health funding and that there would be no top-down reorganisation of our National Health Service.

They have broken all three promises. The Conservatives have imposed £20billion of cuts on the NHS  whilst at the same time wasting another £3billion on a top-down reorganisation of the NHS that they had no electoral mandate for. They have proved that the NHS is not safe in their hands.

And the Conservatives' betrayal of our NHS is biting locally.

There is an emerging crisis in local health service funding with hospital services and budgets stretched to the point of collapse - Barnet's A&E departments are consistently failing to see patients within the required four hours because of the lack of resources. 

We have just had to fight off an attempt to scrap breast screening services at Finchley Memorial Hospital, and Brunswick Park Health Centre is still not open despite a £1million refurbishment. Both of these problems have occurred because our NHS is being split up into different business units in order to make a profit, and the property companies that manage these sites are not putting people first.

The Conservatives have opened up nearly all health services to competition which benefits private providers and undermines our current concept of the NHS. We believe this is the slippery slope to complete privatisation of the NHS where services are provided on the basis of how cheap they are rather than what is clinically the best thing to do.


We are campaigning against this dismantling of our beloved NHS. If you care about the National Health Service sign up to our campaign!

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