Next Grahame Park regeneration phase delayed

Labour councillors have learned from Barnet Homes that the next stage of the regeneration of the Grahame Park estate has been put back to 2017. This is apparently due to a delay in the development partner, Genesis, signing off documents.

Labour councillors are seeking clarification about Genesis’ on-going commitment to the  regeneration following an announcement from them over the summer that they would no longer be building social homes for rent because of the government’s proposal to extend the Right To Buy to housing associations.

Phase B of the Grahame Park regeneration will see hundreds of council tenants – secure and non-secure - moved from their homes to make way for new housing that will result in the loss of a further 352 social homes for rent on the estate. The tenants were due to be moved by March 2016 before this delay occurred. Barnet Homes have confirmed they will be writing to all tenants this week to advise them of the delay.

Labour Colindale councillor, Nagus Narenthira said: "We are glad that the social cleansing of Grahame Park planned by Barnet’s Tory Council has been delayed – albeit for reasons beyond their control. 

“Many council tenants have been extremely anxious about the prospect of being moved from their homes – some may have to move outside the borough. 

“The residents now have a further period of uncertainty while the council resolves this latest  issue.

“Some residents have felt forced to accept alternative accommodation, even if the offer does not meet their needs, through fear of not getting anything because of the council’s one offer only policy. 

“This is yet another example of the damaging effect the chronic shortage of affordable housing is having on real people’s lives – a problem that is unresolved by the Barnet Tories’ failure to build enough affordable homes to meet need.”



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