Letter to NEC in support of full IHRA definition of antisemitism

Letter sent yesterday to the Chair of the Labour Party NEC, Andy Kerr, urging the Labour Party to adopt the full IHRA definition of antisemitism with all its examples:

Dear Andy and members of the NEC

I am writing to you in advance of the NEC meeting tomorrow to express my support for the Labour Party to adopt the full IHRA definition of antisemitism with all its examples.

As an elected representative of the local authority area with the highest proportion of Jewish residents, I know how strongly the local Jewish community feel that this is the definition of antisemitism that has their confidence. It should therefore be the definition that the Labour Party uses when dealing with complaints about antisemitism. It is also the definition that best encapsulates the findings of the Chakrabarti Report.

For me this is a moral issue – we must ensure that those who suffer the racism are the ones that define it, and that the victim is placed at the heart of our processes. The Labour Party’s new proposed guidelines do not do this, and they should be rejected. If any additional guidelines are thought to be required, these should be developed in partnership with the Jewish community.

The Jewish community has made it clear through different representative bodies – the JLM, the JLC and the BoD - that the full IHRA definition with all its examples is the definition that they support.

I urge you to adopt the full IHRA definition and all its examples at your meeting tomorrow.

Cllr Barry Rawlings

Leader of the Barnet Labour Group of Councillors


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