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The march on Saturday 21 July against Barnet Council’s One Barnet programme of outsourcing was an inspiring reminder of the spirit of the local community. The sun shone, the atmosphere was positive, there was co-operation from the cheerful police escort, and especially there was a sense of purpose in the joint effort of Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPs), the Save Friern Barnet Library Group, Barnet UNISON, the GMB and all their supporters.

The happy team was typified by BAPs activist, Tirza Waisel’s masterly handling of Barnet’s petty threat to fine the organizers up to £20,000 for playing music in Victoria Park after the rally. This was avoided by Helen Michael’s invitation for us to go to Café Buzz instead, and have music there.

Roger Tichborne (of Barnet Eye fame) let me sing a few songs as well as the booked groups. I introduced -

I’m gonna talk with Nick Walkley (clap, clap) DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE  - by asking what it was that BAPS and trade unions do much better than Barnet Council?  ORGANIZE!

Tirza Waisel from Barnet Alliance for Public Services wrote afterwards:

Thanks for a great day and a successful parade. Many, many thanks to all who took on the hard work of the last few weeks.

It has been a huge pleasure for me personally to work with so many dedicated, wise, hard-working activists. And the result – a fantastic community action with a brilliant atmosphere and fun and, most importantly, a strong and clear message to the councillors.

I think we came out of the last minute crisis – created by a scared and petty council – looking good, and the council looking petty and bullying. (Special thanks here to all who took part in the extensive phone and e-mail liaison on Friday night, who together formed the sensible decision to hold the political rally outside the park and the party at Helen’s, which arrangement worked so well for us!)

I say we are a fine team in BAPS, who prove daily how well democracy works and how effective people’s power is. Let’s keep it up!


We are in good heart to overthrow this Cabinet and this Council, and to reopen Friern Barnet Library NOW!

Keith Martin, local resident.

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