Latest on High Court action to stop 'One Barnet'

maria_nash_high_court_2.jpgThe High Court hearing of the Judicial Review brought by Barnet resident and disability rights campaigner, Maria Nash, against Barnet Council's decision to award the first 'One Barnet'contract for New Support and Customer Care Services (NSCSO) to Capita, and to challenge the intended decision to award a contract for Development and Regulatory Services concluded today.

The Hon. Justice Mr Nicholas Underhill has reserved judgement until after Easter, but for those who haven't followed the proceedings on twitter #barnet jr, here's a quick round-up of the issues in the proceedings.
A key ground for asking for a Judicial Review was the lack of consultation on the One Barnet outsourcings and Maria's legal team argued that Barnet council "failed to consult properly" on what the Judge commented was an "unprecedented" level of outsourcing.
The Council's legal team, on the other hand, argued that the Council were not required to consult, but did so anyway - although the examples they cited were quickly countered by Maria's barrister as "not consulting".
Lawyers acting for the Council maintain that Maria's legal challenge was "out of time" and should have been brought back in March 2011, while Maria's lawyers claim the action could not have been brought before December 2012 when the contract was finally agreed.

We won't know until after Easter what the verdict is, but Maria has said she will appeal in the event her challenge is unsuccessful.
In the meantime, we'll be supporting the Barnet Spring protest march taking place this Saturday 23 March from 11am (meet at Finchley Central Tube Station).  Come along and support our local community against the devastation of our public services!

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The uplifting news for bosses is that if a representative is brutal, puts forth debilitating expressions, or is in clear infringement of organization arrangement, they ought not be hesitant to make a move out of dread of disregarding handicap separation – their commitment to keep up a sheltered workplace for alternate workers outweighs everything else.
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Latest on High Court action to stop 'One Barnet'
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