Labour Wins Colindale in style!

Labour has won all 3 Colindale council seats with a swing to Labour of around 10%, and an average majority of 1636. The Conservative candidates’ average vote plummeted from 1148 in 2010 to just 462.

Labour’s candidates, Nagus Narenthira, Gill Sargeant and Zakia Zubairi secured 67.9% of the vote.

The turnout was 27.8%.

The Colindale results mean the Labour Group now has the highest number of councillors it has ever had in the history of Barnet. The Tory majority on the council has collapsed to only 1 seat from 13 seats. The political balance on the Council is now:

Labour - 30 councillors
Tories- 32 councillors
Lib Dems - 1 councillor

The full results from Thursday night are:


Name of candidate Description (if any) Number of votes recorded
AKWAEZE Nneka Conservative Party Candidate 501
BASKIN John Jeffrey UK Independence Party (UKIP) 347
BOKAEI Golnar Conservative Party Candidate 420
CORNEY Victor Peter Edward Liberal Democrat 90
CURATI Maggie Green Party 130
ESTERMANN Daniel Liberal Democrat 133
KHAN Khalid UK Independence Party (UKIP) 268
MARASCO Francesco Green Party 108
NARENTHIRA Nagus Labour Party Candidate 2190 (Elected)
NEWBY Andrew John Green Party 114
NICHOLSON William John Conservative Party Candidate 466
RYAN Barry UK Independence Party (UKIP) 309
SARGEANT Gill Labour Party Candidate 2088 (Elected)
WARSAME Sabriye Halane Liberal Democrat 87
ZUBAIRI Zakia Labour Party Candidate 2015 (Elected)


Nagus said: “We are very privileged to be elected as councillors for Colindale, and we want to thank residents for putting their trust in Labour once more. Colindale residents have given us the mandate to fight their corner in achieving sustainable infrastructure where both new and existing residents can benefit.


“We need a reasonable proportion of affordable homes for people to buy and rent, and we need to build a sustainable community in Colindale. Our responsibility is to fight tooth and nail to get the facilities Colindale needs.  The fight starts now!”
Gill said: “We’re delighted to have the continued support of local people to try and change things for the better in Colindale.  We need a better deal for residents on parking, transport links, affordable housing, schools, shops, sports and health facilities as part of the enormous developments that have been agreed by the Tories. Developers should not be allowed to get away with making a profit on developments without providing a basic level of infrastructure for residents.”

Zakia said: “We will continue to fight to make sure residents get their fair share of resources from the council. Colindale is the only ward that got absolutely nothing for road and pavement repairs from the Tory council in the last financial year and that is an outrage that needs to be corrected. We need to sort out all the potholes and pavements, and get proper maintenance of our parks with good facilities for young people."

Leader of the Barnet Labour Group, Cllr Alison Moore said, "Nagus, Gill and Zakia make a great team, and I know they will be visible, hardworking advocates to get action on the issues that matter to local people."

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