Labour welcomes Times Series campaign on 30 minutes free parking

Barnet’s Labour councillors have welcomed the Times Series campaign launched this week supporting Labour’s call for at least 30 minutes free parking in all Barnet town centres. 

Labour councillors first called for a 30 minutes free parking pilot back in 2011/12 after Conservative-run Barnet council hiked up parking charges by up to 300% in one year. In a parking survey Labour conducted in 2012 95% of respondents agreed with the policy of a 30 minutes free parking pilot.

The Barnet Labour Group made at least 30 minutes free parking in town centres a key local election pledge in their manifesto.

They have repeatedly submitted motions calling for at least 30 minutes free parking at Full Council and committee meetings - most recently at the November Environment Committee. The Conservatives have voted against this policy every single time.

The Labour Group have launched a new petition calling for at least 30 minutes free parking in all Barnet's town centres.

Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Alison Moore said: "We’re delighted that the Times Series have started their own campaign to raise awareness about the need to support our town centres and traders - many of whom are struggling in this current economic climate and as a result of disastrous parking policies introduced by the Barnet Conservatives.

"Other councils are implementing a free parking period to help their traders and town centres because it makes sense for everyone – shoppers, businesses and the council – why won’t Barnet?"


Labour's Environment Spokesperson, Cllr Alan Schneiderman said: "Local businesses and traders in our town centres have been calling for action on parking to help them for some time – the Times Series is absolutely right to raise this issue.


"We hope as many people as possible go online and support the Times Series campaign and also sign our new petition – if we get 7,000 signatures we can force a Full Council debate on the issue." 




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