Labour tells Barnet: “Get round the table and talk to Your Choice staff”

Barnet’s Labour councillors are calling for Barnet Council to get round the table and talk to Your Choice staff to try and resolve impending strike action as the major shareholder of the Barnet Group and Your Choice Barnet. Your Choice Barnet staff who care for adults with learning and physical disabilities have agreed to strike over a 9.5% cut in pay – with 100% of those who voted agreeing with strike action. The pay cuts were part of a re-structure package that Your Choice Barnet introduced to help pay off a £1million bail out loan they needed after Barnet Council cocked-up their business plan.

Labour’s Adults & Health Spokesperson, Cllr Barry Rawlings said: “These are low paid staff working with vulnerable adults who are facing a pay cut of nearly 10% in order to bail out a financial problem that is not of their own making. We all want to avoid strike action which will inevitably impact on some of our most vulnerable residents, so it’s crucial that Barnet council get round the table and talk to staff as a matter of urgency to try and resolve this issue. If they can’t sort this mess out, the Council must consider whether bringing the service back in-house would serve the best interests of service users and their carers.

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