Labour secure result on poorly signed loading bay where estimated £1million in parking fines issued

Parking fines levied on unsuspecting motorists at a loading bay near a Sainsbury's Local in Heath Parade, Colindale could be a thing of the past after lobbying by Labour councillor, Gill Sargeant.

Residents have complained that 'no parking' signs at the loading bay are too small to be noticed, and have estimated that around fifty people a day are fined £60 each vehicle as a result, possibly netting the private parking contractor £1 million in parking fines a year.

Cllr Sargeant asked Barnet Council to adopt Heath Parade, which is currently owned by Genesis Housing Association, and introduce clearer parking arrangements.

The Council advised that adoption of the road would take two years to complete, but following her question at last week's Full Council meeting, Cllr Sargeant has now received confirmation from the Council Chief Executive that Genesis have consented for the loading bay to be turned into dual use as both a loading bay and short term parking. It is hoped this arrangement will be in place by the summer.

Cllr Sargeant said: "Hopefully the clearer parking arrangements at Heath Parade opposite Sainsbury's will end the injustice where even people slipping into the chemist to pick up an urgent prescription are fined."


1. Cllr Sargeant's council question can be found here (p21 Q46): 

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