Labour launches manifesto for a better Barnet

Barnet Labour has today launched their local election manifesto “Building a better Barnet”.


The manifesto follows a year long engagement process with local residents including a public policy forum in February 2013 and thousands of residents’ surveys distributed across the borough.

Labour’s 5 top line pledges are:


We'll listen and put residents first.

Barnet’s Tories didn’t listen on parking, library closures and mass privatisation. We’ll give you a say over local budgets, introduce Public Question Time, and establish a Fairness Commission to restore democracy and fairness in Barnet.


We'll give you at least 30 minutes free parking in all town centres & cash-enable meters.

Barnet’s Tories hiked up parking charges and removed cash meters while claiming free parking themselves. We’ll scrap the free councillors’ parking perk and make parking fairer.


We'll agree 20mph limits and safer crossings where residents support them.

We’ll fix potholes and pavements to improve travel and keep people safe and put more money into street cleaning.


We'll build more genuinely affordable homes.

Housing is extremely unaffordable in Barnet. We will stand up to developers, bring more empty homes back in use and set-up an Independent Barnet Housing Commission.


We'll cut waste & help families with the cost of living.

We’ll introduce a free bulky item collection service, help those unfairly hit by the Bedroom Tax and under a Labour government will increase free child care for 3 and 4 year olds. We’ll cut waste on consultants, spin and councillor’s allowances to help us keep council tax down.


Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Alison Moore said: “After 12 years of a Conservative council in Barnet many people are angry, whether it’s over parking charges, library closures, or mass-privatisation of council services.


“And few will forget that one of the first things the Barnet Tories did after the last local election was to vote themselves a bumper pay rise of up to £20,000 each.


“We want a council that listens to local people, cares about the things that they care about, and that works to achieve a better Barnet for everyone – even in these challenging financial times.


“At the moment this is not happening, and we want to change that. Over the last year we’ve been asking thousands of residents through surveys and events what your priorities are so we can put you at the heart of everything we do.


“In this manifesto we set out how we would work with local residents to restore democracy and fairness, help with the cost of living crisis, protect frontline services and make our borough safer, cleaner and greener.


“We know that there will be tough decisions ahead because of the Conservative government’s cuts to local councils, but we believe that in tough times when resources are stretched it is even more important to talk to and work with local residents, so above all a Labour council will be a listening council.”


To see a full version of the manifesto click here

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