Labour Group proposes a fairer parking policy for Barnet

Labour councillors are moving a series of amendments to the proposed new parking policy being considered by the Environment Committee on 18 November. These amendments are in line with responses to the Council's consultation and are designed to make parking in Barnet fairer for both residents and local businesses.

The amendments propose:
• The introduction of a minimum of 30 minutes free parking in all of Barnet’s town centres
• Bringing back cash parking by adapting existing parking meters
• Removing the free parking permit perk currently claimed by Tory councillors
• Retaining the right for elected councillors to make representations on behalf of residents receiving a parking ticket
• That more research is undertaken before making any change to the system of charging for permits and that any change to the system of charging is considered alongside the charges themselves
Labour councillors will also be amending the committee report's recommendations to ensure that amendments to the policy, and a costed action plan to implement the parking policy, have to come back to the committee to be decided by councillors rather than by officers alone.
Labour's environment spokesperson, Cllr Alan Schneiderman said: "Barnet has been penalising motorists and threatening the vitality of our town centres for too long. We need a parking policy that treats residents fairly and supports local businesses.
"We want to see a minimum of 30 minutes free parking across the borough, the return of cash meters and an end to the scandal of Tory councillors awarding themselves free parking permits."

Details of the report on Parking can be found here:

For further details please contact Cllr Alan Schneiderman:

To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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