Labour councillors call for parking permit cock-up to be sorted out

Local councillors are aware that over 100 resident parking permits have been issued by mistake to residents of a new development of 84 flats and 11 houses at 931 High Road N12 in North Finchley.

When the development was granted planning permission, a condition was imposed preventing the future residents from obtaining parking permits due to the lack of parking places in the surrounding roads. The development provides 114 spaces - around 1 parking space for each apartment, two for each house and including 12 disabled parking bays.

It now appears that Barnet council failed to amend the Traffic Management Order and did not have an effective system in place to check permit applications. As a result, when residents of the new development applied for parking permits they were granted despite this being in breach of a planning condition.

We believe that the Council has been aware of this issue for well over a year but this mistake has still not been put right. We understand that permits issued in error will be withdrawn but no timescale has been set.

Many new planning applications are now granted with similar conditions to protect areas already suffering from severe parking pressure - this includes a new development on the old Furnitureland site opposite 931 High Road in North Finchley.  It is unclear if planning conditions on this or any other developments have been breached by permits being issued when they should not have been.

Woodhouse ward councillor Alan Schneiderman said: “This is a yet another cock-up by bungling Barnet Council that has taken far too long to sort out.

"The Council need to come clean and write to all affected residents straight away to apologise and let them know the full scale of the problem, how long they have known about it and when parking permits issued in error will be withdrawn.

“We also need to know whether any similar breaches have occurred with other developments and what systems will be put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again."



1. A copy of the Planning Committee report on the development can be found here:

2. Extract from the report detailing the planning condition on parking - p50:

"Although it is within the appropriate range the proposed parking provision is towards the lower end of what would be expected for a site with a PTAL score of 2. In the absence of any further controls the proposal could therefore result in overspill parking and increased demand for on-street parking spaces in the surrounding area. Observations by Traffic and Development Officers suggest that there is already parking pressure on roads in the vicinity of the site. In light of these circumstances it is considered necessary to restrict the occupiers of the new development from purchasing parking permits within the North Finchley Controlled Parking Zone (within which the application site is located). A planning obligation to this effect has therefore been recommended (including a contribution of £2000 to cover the associated cost of amending the relevant Traffic Management Order)."

For more information contact Cllr Alan Schneiderman:

To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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