Joy for Mapledown as Tories Cave In

Further to the statement by the Leader of the Council made this afternoon - that cuts to specialist short breaks funding for Mapledown School will be deferred by a year, Leader of the Barnet Labour Group Cllr Alison Moore said:

“The decision to defer the cut is very welcome news - the parents and children will be delighted.  But it is still only a stay of execution for one year, so we need to find a sustainable way forward for the specialist short breaks service. If we win the local elections on 22 May a Labour council will work with the parents and the school to find that sustainable way forward.

“As for the ridiculous statement by Cllr Cornelius that we have prevented the council from funding the short breaks service by calling it in for scrutiny, nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is the Leader has the power to review our call-in personally in precisely the way he has just demonstrated without causing any funding delay for any organisation.

“And his statement now makes it clear that his decision to defer the cut to Mapledown was made on the basis that he felt his hand was being forced rather than because he believed it was the right thing to do for the parents and children. If that had been the case he would not have allowed the decision to go through on 2nd April in the first place.”

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