Is this response good enough?

Earlier today I received my first response from my email to the Hendon ward Councillors about the oneBarnet programme and my opposition to it. I fully expect a response from the remaining two councillors and for them to make their positions on oneBarnet clear.

I will leave you to decide whether this response is really a responsible response to a constituent worried about the largest outsourcing project ever untaken by any local authority in Britain. Barnets very own £1bn firesale.

Braun, Cllr Maureen Conservative <> 20 July 2012 09:33
To: Adam Langleben <>

I cannot give the assurance you ask for, as in my opinion the cabinet is going in the right direction – given the financial straits imposed on us by the current budget situation


From: Adam Langleben []
Sent: 19 July 2012 21:37
To: Braun, Cllr Maureen Conservative
Subject: Please stop the 'One Barnet' £1bn sell-off

Dear Maureen Braun

As a local resident I would like to register my opposition to Barnet council's plans to sell off 70 per cent of my local council services to a private, for-profit, company. 

I am opposing these 'One Barnet' plans for the following reasons: 

  • The plans are completely untried and untested on the scale proposed
  • The financial risks to the council, and the risk of service failure are too great
  • There will be limited direct control by elected councillors over my services after the sell-off
  • There will be limited ability to scrutinise and monitor services after the sell-off
  • The decision, once made, will be virtually irreversible


I believe that you, as my elected representative on Barnet council, should make a clear statement to Barnet's Cabinet Members who will be making the decision, that the 'One Barnet' sell-off should be stopped. 

I would like your confirmation that you have either already done this, or will now do so.


Yours sincerely,

Adam Langleben

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Is this response good enough? Cllr Braun responds to me. via @BetterBarnet
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"@BetterBarnet: Is this response good enough? From Cllr Maureen Braun of Hendon Ward. #oneBarnet" by @adamlangleben
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Is this response good enough? Cllr Braun responds to me. via @BetterBarnet
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