If it's broke, fix it: The bumpy ride into Brent Cross to be fixed at last

The long and winding road that gives car and bus access to thousands of shoppers and visitors to Brent Cross Shopping Centre is finally to be mended and resurfaced after years of neglect and disrepair. Massive pot holes, uneven bumps from old, botched repairs, manholes standing out above or sinking below the surface, all lie in wait to trap your tyres and give you a rocky ride. 

Barnet's Deputy Shadow Spokesperson for the Environment, Cllr Dr Devra Kay, Labour Councillor for West Hendon in which Brent Cross is located, has run out of patience as repairs have been promised for years but have failed to happen.  She has finally got the promise of a date for action from the Conservative-run Council.  Work is scheduled well in time for Christmas shopping for the end of September beginning of October with an estimated start date of 29 September

Cllr Kay said: “I hope visitors to Brent Cross will report back to me if they are not satisfied that the work has been done properly.”


For more information contact Cllr Dr Devra Kay: cllr.d.kay@barnet.gov.uk

To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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