G4S fiasco – a glimpse into the future of One Barnet?

Its been impossible to miss the news lately about the private security firm G4S having to be bailed out by the Government and the army in providing Olympic security. In fact, its just been announced that an extra 1,200 troops are being put on stand by.

Is this failure a glimpse into the future of Barnet in a post ‘One Barnet’ world?

Imagine it. 70% of Barnet’s services are outsourced. What happens if just one of them fails just like G4S. Barnet’s tax payers could be locked into a contract with a provider unable to fulfil the terms. What do we do? Does Barnet Council have contingencies to deal with this? The spare money to find a new provider or bring it back in house?

My guess, no.

I’ve seen no contingencies for this, and I doubt we have the reserves to bring it back in house. Even if we could we will be losing the infrastructure and institutional knowledge and experience staff have built up over decades.

Where would this leave us? We would probably need a Government bailout ourselves? We would definitely need some short term cash to tide over whichever service did fail.

The One Barnet Projects represents a project with extreme dangers and no plan B. This is a £billion gamble of Barnet Tax-payers money with no mandate and no engagement with local people.

What can you do?

Sign the One Barnet referendum petition.

Email your councillor about the One Barnet project and raise your concerns

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G4S fiasco – a glimpse into the future of #OneBarnet?
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