Barnet Conservatives cutting funding for subsidised places for disabled children

Following news that Barnet's Conservative council is cutting the funding for subsidised places for disabled children at after school clubs and holiday schemes run by Mapledown School, Leader of the Barnet Labour Group, Cllr Alison Moore said: 


“This is a terribly hard-hearted decision, and the truth is that something could be done about it - Barnet’s Conservative councillors could reduce councillors allowances by £45k to pay for these after school clubs and holiday play schemes to continue if they thought it was a priority. We proposed a cut in councillors allowances of £200k during the budget debate, but the Tories voted against this.  Scrapping the council’s Barnet First magazine would save £75k – they could do that.  It really is a question of priorities, and the Tories don’t seem to have the right set of priorities.  We would be looking at every budget to try and protect frontline services like this and to find the money to keep these subsidised places going.”

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