Fairer funding for Barnet's schools

Schools in England, including Barnet, are facing devastating cuts to their funding. This is despite the Conservative government being elected on a manifesto commitment to protect per pupil funding.

Schools are also having to meet increasing staff costs and the loss of subsidy through the Education Services Grant which means they are seeing their pupil funding shrink. 

Now the government proposes to introduce a new National Funding Formula in April 2018 that aims to address gaps in school funding between different geographical areas, but proposes to achieve this by redistributing money between schools from a total pot that is shrinking in real terms.

Most schools in Barnet are set to lose funding under the new formula.  

We believe that the government should honour their manifesto commitment to protect per pupil funding in real terms over the lifetime of this parliament, and that funding for schools in the National Funding Formula should be levelled-up not down.

We also believe that Barnet Council should be lobbying hard against these cuts.

Please sign our petition calling for them to do so, and opposing these cuts.

We, the undersigned, petition Barnet Council to lobby the Government against any cuts to Barnet's schools brought about by the new National Funding Formula which is due to be implemented in April 2018.

The National Funding Formula, as currently proposed, will re-distribute funding in a way that will mean most Barnet schools lose money.

This loss of funding is on top of rising staffing and running costs that schools face, and at a time when pupil numbers are also rising.

The cuts could result in:

  • increased class sizes
  • loss of teaching and support staff
  • less support for children and young people
  • fewer subject choices
  • fewer resources and out of school activities
We believe that funding for schools should be levelled-up, not down, to ensure that no school loses out, and we call on Barnet Council to make this argument to the Government loudly and clearly on behalf of local parents and children.
GOAL: 1,000 signatures

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Sign the petition: Fairer funding for Barnet's schools
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Sign the petition: Fairer funding for Barnet's schools
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Sign the petition: Fairer funding for Barnet's schools
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