Email Barnet's Conservative councillors to stop the library cuts

Labour councillors are calling for an Extraordinary Council meeting to try and halt the £2.85 million of cuts to the Barnet Library Service on the 3rd March before the council makes the final decision on the next three year's budget.

You can help us by emailing the Conservative councillors who run Barnet Council and asking them to support our motion at that Extraordinary Council Meeting.

We enclose below a suggested wording for your email, and also the email addresses of all the Conservative councillors.

Suggested email wording:

Dear councillor(s)

I am writing to you in support of Labour's call for an Extraordinary Council Meeting to discuss the proposed £2.85million libraries cuts before the council's budget is set on 3rd March.

I do not agree with the council's proposals to cut the library service, and ask that the process is halted, that the council works with the local community, library users groups and library service staff to develop new options which protect and secure the long-term future of our libraries, and that residents are then consulted on these new options.

As the proposed cuts do not take effect until 2016/17 there is time for the council to pause, re-think and re-consult.

I ask that you support Cllr Moore's motion at that Extraordinary Council Meeting on the 3rd March.

Yours sincerely

Email addresses for all 32 Conservative councillors:

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