Donoghue's to vacate Tilling Road site in 9 days

Waste management and skip company PB Donoghue will be vacating the former Dixon's site in Tilling Road within 9 days after residents and Labour councillors raised their on-going use of the site at last night's Environment Committee (7 Nov).

Questions about the cost of security at the site by local campaigner, Anne Clarke, who spoke at the meeting, went unanswered but resulted in a commitment that all Donoghue's equipment would be cleared by 17 November. Maureen Byrne, Chair of the local residents group, also spoke and called for action.

PB Donoghue is using the site for vehicle parking and skip storage free of charge. Barnet Council has collected no rent from them but is paying for security.

Labour's Environment Spokesperson, Cllr Alan Schneiderman, submitted a Member's Item to the Environment Committee asking for a report on the PB Donoghue site. 

He asked the report to include results of the Environment Agency independent audit carried out on 28 September, the use of a concrete crusher at the site and the options to relocate the skip company. Conservative councillors opposed his request.

Residents have been campaigning for action to tackle dust pollution, noise and traffic problems arising from the Donoghue site in Claremont Road, and oppose the company having a nearby second site to operate from.

Councillors unanimously agreed that work to resolve all the issues should continue as quickly as possible.

Labour's Environment Spokesperson, Cllr Alan Schneiderman said:

“It's good news that Donoghue's will be asked to vacate the Tilling Road site by 17 November - the Barnet Tories should not have allowed them to use the site for nothing while the Council foots the bill for security.

"Residents have had to put up with the disruption of dust, dirt and traffic for far too long - the whole operation needs to be moved to a more suitable location as soon as possible”.

Local campaigner, Anne Clarke, said:

"It is outrageous that Barnet Council are paying for security in addition to Donoghue operating out of this site for free. There's no point in the community winning a victory over rejection of a second site when Donoghue just get it for free."



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