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We note the longstanding problems caused by the Donoghue skip hire and waste management company and call on Barnet Council to support its relocation to a more suitable site as soon as possible.

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signed 2017-03-22 19:09:05 +0000
Renee Vischer
signed 2017-03-21 13:30:00 +0000
Please stop the dangerous speeding of these trucks and lorries on The Vale
signed 2017-03-21 12:24:24 +0000
As a private hire Chauffer,, my vehicle has to be clean in and out all the time, which means o need to wash my vehicle twice a week ,,, but since I live in this flat( 4 years ), I have to wash it everyday and that cost me a lot ,,,, yes a lot,

So please do something and also sometimes my daughters come over for weekend,, they say to me it is hard to. Rests on this flat.

signed 2017-03-20 20:17:44 +0000
So tired of this noise and road getting worse (damage), time for this company to move somewhere else! Also why had the road width restriction been removed?
signed 2017-03-20 19:00:50 +0000
Why has nothing been done about this yet!
signed 2017-03-20 18:53:31 +0000
Constant pollution , constant noise , lorries every second , speeding lorries dirty roads , unable to get into your car without getting run over . Disgraceful situation for the rates we pay and a residential street and area !
signed 2017-03-20 14:57:06 +0000
Heath and safety of residents from the dust pollution , mud , noise , vibration from heavy lorries is getting out of control and order.
signed via 2017-03-19 23:13:13 +0000
Horrible waste disposal and very bad for people’s health

This waste company needs to SHUT DOWN or housing associations should CONSIdER all aspects before building homes in polluted areas like this

I am severely asthmatic and my house is dusty everyday I cannot leave my windows open daily
signed 2017-03-19 19:14:19 +0000
Donaghue used to be a builder merchant with part of the operation as waste management. The change of use from mainly a builder merchant to purely a waste management was done without consulting the residents. Labour campaign should also challenge the change of use. What Lisa and team has done could be even better if challenge its change of use is included. Thanks for the good job.
signed 2017-03-19 18:08:25 +0000
who can believe living to this good area on the capital city in great britain is not safe for heavy lorries dust makers.
signed 2017-03-19 17:36:10 +0000
Disgusting waste disposal behind residents house which is horrendous hazardous to health
signed 2017-03-19 14:00:54 +0000
The days when commercial operations of this kind were sited in a residential area are over. Donoghue’s is the last remnant of the old Cricklewood Industrial Estate and for everyone’s sake in the neighbourhood, should be relocated asap before some serious damage is done.
followed this page 2017-03-18 08:06:24 +0000
signed via 2017-03-18 08:04:36 +0000
Local residents have previously been informed that Donoghue’s site may be subject to a CPO as a result of the Brent X regeneration. When will this take place please?
signed via 2016-12-10 23:15:27 +0000
signed 2016-12-10 16:09:37 +0000
signed 2016-12-09 17:20:27 +0000
signed 2016-12-09 12:42:11 +0000
The Council must act to stop this air pollution, which particularly affects children and adults who are sick and disabled. Businesses must take responsibility and be made to clean up, don’t just make it a problem somewhere else.
signed 2016-12-08 09:37:06 +0000
signed 2016-12-07 21:59:56 +0000
signed 2016-12-07 19:43:52 +0000
I have friends who live nearby who are suffering from the pollution it has to be relocated away from any residential area and a cleaning system so it doesn’t pollute.
followed this page 2016-12-07 11:01:43 +0000
signed 2016-12-07 10:56:14 +0000
I had previously been in contact with Barnet council.

The Golders Green Residents Association.

Councillor Dean Cohen.

Peter Donoghue ( who I have to say is quite an arrogant character, and doesn’t give a “jot” about the residents!) and his transport manager, Raj.

Quite frankly I have lost faith. Cllr Cohen was very, very helpful.

Over the last few years it has been intolerable living here.

Between the daily “filth” that manages to seep into the house, on the windows and glass, it is horrendous, all I seem to do is clean the house and work full time!

My home should not get so “dusty”. It is gritty particles, which are obviously coming from Donoghues!

When the “width restriction” was installed on The Vale to stop Donoghues and “anything larger than a car” using The Vale. It caused, and still does cause problems on Pennine Drive. Having lived here here for over 30 years I can categorically say the traffic has increased dramatically since that was put in place.

I know it has been removed, but the Council did not remove the extension of the pavement, which still forces large lorries, over 30 tons down Pennine Drive!!

The removal has alleviated the traffic, but not significantly!!

Also lorries are IGNORING the 5T weight restriction on Pennine Drive.

Another matter is the utter filth on Claremont Road & pavements.

It is all residue from Donoghues site & looks dreadful.

Most importantly is the massive health risk breathing all this in as well as all the pollution in the area!

Thank you for taking my comments on board.

Anna Smargiassi

Another question that needs to be answered is why did the council allow Donoghues to expand their site?
signed 2016-12-07 09:49:53 +0000
I have just come back from the doctor’s. For the first time in my life I have asthma which has undoubtedly been caused by Donoghues.

This company should be nowhere near a residential area instead of right in the middle of one. People are dying from unacceptable pollution levels from Donoghues. Has anyone actually done air quality checks? The readings will probably be off the scale.
signed 2016-12-07 03:35:00 +0000
signed 2016-12-06 23:14:21 +0000
Donoghue had produced lots of dust in this area and caused some health issue, now I am afraid to pass the claremont road, because I can not breath well, this site must be removed asap.
signed 2016-12-06 18:28:13 +0000
Susan Wayne
signed via 2016-12-06 18:00:32 +0000
signed 2016-12-06 15:24:33 +0000
Quite simply they are killing our kids. Pollution levels are worse than China and I put the blame squarely with Donoghues. Kick them out!
signed 2016-12-06 14:50:16 +0000
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