Councillors work to make Archer Academy school crossing safer

East Finchley Councillors have been working with local residents, Barnet Council, Transport for London, the police and the Archer Academy to improve a dangerous crossing on East End Road at the junction of Stanley Road.

At a meeting on site on 21 October, Cllr Alison Moore and Cllr Arjun Mittra discussed with Council officers, the police and TfL on-going plans to upgrade the existing crossing to a zebra crossing and move the bus stop. The improvements will be funded by planning gain contributions made by the Archer Academy, with the Council making any top-up contributions if needed.

The councillors are waiting to hear when the improvements will be implemented, and will update residents in due course.

Cllr Alison Moore said: "I am very hopeful that we are going to make this dangerous crossing much safer for children. The Section 106 planning contributions from the Archer Academy School development are being well used in improving the crossing here as the wider community will also benefit. The Stanley Road Campus is mostly used by younger year groups and we have been pleased to be able to work with the school to fix a long standing problem."

Cllr Arjun Mittra added: "The new zebra crossing at Market Place has been very successful, but now we need to work on the rest of East End Road. We have previously spoken to the Council about the need to improve the crossing at Abbots Gardens and on Deansway too. Improving pedestrian safety throughout East Finchley is a major priority for Cllr Moore, Cllr Or-bach and myself, which is why we have been pushing so hard for these works."


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