Council must do better on road surface dressing regime

At last night’s Environment Committee Labour councillors successfully argued that Barnet’s Conservative Council must improve the new road surface dressing that has been the subject of rising complaints from residents. The controversial new road surfacing method  has left tarmac road chippings loose on road surfaces resulting in damage to cars from flying chips, and damage to residents’ homes from tar.

Labour’s Environment Spokesperson, Cllr Alan Schneiderman submitted a motion to the last Full Council meeting calling for a review of the new regime, which was referred to the Environment Committee on 10 November. At the meeting last night Cllr Schneiderman secured cross-party support for:

- an assurance that all necessary remedial work will be completed as soon as possible

- an improved procedure for future work, including: better supervision and checks on contractors, more proactive sweeping of roads and pavements and prompt replacement of lines and road markings

- consideration of whether other resurfacing options are more appropriate for certain roads

- communication with residents to be improved

An update will be brought to the next Environment Committee meeting.

Cllr Schneiderman said: "We've had so many complaints from residents about the problems caused by this cheaper way of resurfacing roads. I'm glad that there is agreement that the council will look again at how this work is carried out.

“The state of our roads and pavements is the top concern of residents according to the council’s own residents perception survey, so the Tories really must do better to make Barnet's roads and pavements safer.”



  1. A copy of Cllr Schneiderman’s original motion on roads and pavements see:

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