Council Leader fails to recognise 'County Roads' in East Finchley

East Finchley Labour Councillor Arjun Mittra has described a written answer from Leader of the Council Richard Cornelius as "shocking ignorance of the Borough he is supposed to lead".

Cllr Mittra asked about street sweeping in the roads east of the High Road in East Finchley, locally known as the 'County Roads' - Hertford Road, Huntingdon Road, Bedford Road,Leicester Road, Lincoln Road and Durham Road:

"Will the council undertake to make more regular sweeping of the County Roads in East Finchley, or provide more bins or anti-littering signs?"

To which Cllr Cornelius replied:

"Barnet does not have any roads which class as County roads."

Cllr Mittra, in his oral supplementary said that he was shocked at the answer, as he said it showed that the Council Leader did not know the borough, and confirmed his suspicion that the Conservative administration did not care about East Finchley and ignored its residents.

Cllr Mittra said:"Barnet Tories treat East Finchley with contempt, whether it's their treatment of the library, the history with the Old Barn, their maintenance of Cherry Tree Wood or their neglect of the High Road. East Finchley residents have never had a fair deal from the Tories, and it seems they don't even want to acknowledge parts of the ward."

Cllr Cornelius responded by suggesting that Cllr Mittra did not know his own ward. Cllr Mittra will now be writing to the Leader of the Council to suggest he purchases an A to Z.


1. A copy of the council questions at the Full Council meeting can be found here (Q80, p41):
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To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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