Council forced into u-turn on Saracens CPZ hours

Barnet's Conservative administration have been forced to re-think proposals to keep the Saracens Event Day Controlled Parking Zone hours 1pm-6pm after Labour councillors called for the hours to be reduced at the Environment Committee following a review.

The report on the CPZ asked the committee to agree "that the event day CPZ hours of operation are not reduced", but did recommend that the geographical size of the CPZ in the Mill Hill area was shrunk by 50%.

Labour's Environment spokesperson, Cllr Alan Schneiderman, called for officers to come back with options to reduce the hours, and as a result the Chair deferred the whole report.

Officers have now been asked to liaise with Saracens and come back to the next committee meeting with proposals to reduce the CPZ's hours of operation.

Cllr Schneiderman said: “Saracens, councillors and our local London Assembly Member, Andrew Dismore, had all called for the CPZ hours to be reduced in line with match times in order to allow visitors to park and protect residents - not treat them as cash cows.

"But the report recommended the complete opposite and, after some public pressure on the administration Chair, was duly sent back to the drawing board."


Cllr Alan Schneiderman:

To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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