Colindale's Manhattan: Pulse residents told to cough up £25k for a parking space

Residents living on the new 714 Manhattan style property development at Pulse in Colindale have brought a petition to Barnet Council about the lack of parking. Barnet Labour councillors have joined residents in their protest against having to pay greedy developers the extortionate £25,000 for a parking space on top of their property price when they purchase a property.

The residents submitted a petition of 222 signatures to Hendon Area Committee at the meeting on Wednesday 13th January. Mr. Joe Skye, a resident, organised this petition. Mr Syke spoke at the committee meeting detailing the frustrations of the residents. He said that the whole development is striped with double yellow lines. There are no visitors parking spaces or parking for users of restaurants or shops in the area.

Barnet Council has consistently opposed adopting roads in new developments, and allowed developers to dictate the terms of parking, causing misery for hundreds of Colindale households who simply do not have the £25,0000 available in their back pocket.

Barnet Labour has argued, since the development's inception, that parking would be a serious problem that would cause chaotic overspill into neighbouring roads. Cllr. Gill Sargeant has been working with residents affected for months and helped bring forward this petition.

Barnet Council has the power to intervene and stop such extortionate charges being made by demanding that all new development roads are immediately adopted by the authority.

Colindale councillor, Nagus Narenthira who is on the committee said:
"The council cannot wait for the development to be completed to adopt the streets. Some intermediary measures should be in place so that the council can provide proper parking facilities. It is shocking to find out how much the developers are charging for a parking space. It was said in the planning application that parking spaces will be allocated at a ratio of 0.7 spaces per household. There was no mention of charging exorbitant amounts such as this. I am glad that my colleagues on the Area Committee supported me in referring this issue to Planning Committee which will consider proposals for council involvement in solving this issue. I think it is a victory for Pulse residents."


1. The three Colindale Labour councillors are: Cllr. Nagus Narenthira, Cllr.Gill Sargeant, Cllr.Zakia Zubairi.
2. On top of the 714 unit development at the ‘Pulse’ site, a new student hotel is being built within the same footprint that will complicate the matter further.
3. As well as the ‘Pulse’ development, within a 1/4 SqM radius of the site, the Council have permitted the building of the following (which all have similar rules and charges over parking):
a. Beaufort Park: 2800 homes
b. The British Library Newspaper site: 395 homes
c. Zenith House: 309 homes
d. The Peel Centre: 2000 homes
e. Barnet College site: 390 homes
4. For more information contact Cllr Narenthira on: 07768 154 878

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