Colindale betting shop application to be re-heard following legal concern

The planning committee decision to allow a Paddy Power betting shop at the Edition development in Colindale will be set aside and the application re-heard, following concerns about the lawfulness of the decision.  

Labour Colindale councillors had written to Barnet Council's Chief Legal Advisor setting out their concerns that the decision may be unlawful because one Conservative member who attended and voted for the application on the 25 October was not present at the original meeting.

That councillor had not therefore heard the full application, representations and debate.

Barnet Council's Chief Executive has written to councillors saying that:

"At its meeting on 29th September, the Committee indicated that it was minded to refuse an application for a betting shop in Colindale, and asked officers to draft reasons for refusal.  At the October meeting the committee rejected each of those draft reasons, and therefore approved the application.  Because the committee attendance at the two meetings was different, I have concluded, in consultation with the Monitoring Officer, that justice may not have been seen to be done.  The application will therefore be re-heard in full at a future committee meeting."

Around 150 residents objected to the betting shop application.

There is already a Paddy Power betting shop a few minutes walk away from the Edition on the A5.

Labour Colindale Councillor, Nagus Narenthira, said:

“I am glad that the Chief Executive has made this ruling, and that the application will be re-heard. Residents must have confidence in the process."

  1. A link to the 25 October Planning Committee agenda and reports can be found here:
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