CCTV service could be scrapped under latest Tory plan

The borough's CCTV service could be cut completely if Conservative Barnet Council cannot find someone else to take over financing the service.

A report discussed at last night’s Community Leadership Committee states that:

"The proposals included in the plan would deliver savings of £852k....£843k of this saving is proposed to come from moving to a nil revenue contribution to CCTV services from the Council. The priority focus will be on attracting alternative funding sources for the service. If insufficient funding can be obtained, the service will either reduce in scope or cease at the end of the current contract in 2019."

The council plan to ask the police to fund the CCTV service, but have not consulted them on this yet – even though the proposals have been in the public domain since the summer.

Labour councillors on the committee got agreement that the proposals would be brought back to the committee if the council could not find replacement funding for the CCTV service.

Labour's Community Leadership Spokesperson, Cllr Arjun Mittra said: "CCTV is crucial in helping the police to fight crime. Scrapping the service would make many residents feel less safe on our streets, when a key target in the Community Safety Strategy is to increase the number of people who feel safe.

"So far the Barnet Tories have proposed switching off all street lights at night, leaving parks unlocked at night and now this – they really are becoming the Party that is soft on crime."


1. Details of the CCTV budget proposals can be found here:

2. Details of the plan to switch off street lights and keep parks unlocked:


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Labour's Community Leadership Spokesperson, Cllr Arjun Mittra: 

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