Bungling Barnet: Brent included in list of Barnet pavement works for Colindale

Barnet council's highways contractor - Capita-run Re Ltd - were proposing to re-surface a pavement on the Brent side of the Edgware Road until Labour Colindale councillor, Nagus Narenthira, pointed out it wasn't in Barnet.

The error follows Re Ltd putting up streets signs for Lower Strand located in Colindale, Barnet, with the Brent Council logo on last July.

Cllr Nagus Narenthira said:

"Capita clearly need more than a map to find Barnet. They seem to have an on-going problem identifying which borough Colindale is in. You would think Barnet Council would ensure they got it right after last year's mistake with the street signs. I wonder how much money would have been wasted on improving Brent at Barnet tax-payers' expense if I hadn't picked this up?"

Brent pavement highlighted in black below:



1. For more on the street sign error see:


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